Lakeland Dairies - Spring Management Info Series

The Lakeland Dairies / Teagasc Joint Development Programme is providing a Spring Management Series of advice, tips and information to help milk producers get the best from their dairy enterprises over the spring period and onwards.

Each week, over twelve weeks, updates are provided in a newsletter format across three main themes. You can click on each edition below, as it is published. You can also save these newsletters onto your own computer for ongoing reference.

  1. Labour Efficiency & Spring Workload
  2. Animal Health & Milk Quality
  3. Spring Grassland Management

The Lakeland Dairies / Teagasc Joint Development Programme is aimed at maximising efficiency and profitability for dairy farmers in a sustainable manner for the future. The programme uses the findings of locally and regionally based research that is directly relevant to the needs of Lakeland Dairies milk suppliers.

Lakeland Dairies / Teagasc Joint Development Programme advisors are available by phone to discuss all farm related matters.

  • Colin Anderson 087 7467424
  • Owen McPartland 087 3302254
  • Adrian McKeague 087 4138584