New Board elected for Lakeland Dairies

New Board elected for Lakeland Dairies

Following from the recent completion of Board elections Lakeland Dairies has announced the Board of the Co-operative, taking effect on 1st November 2021. 

The elections follow from the decision of members at an SGM last April approving changes to the co-operative’s governance structure, including a reduction in the number of elected Board members of the co-operative, from 22 to 13 members.

This follows from the merger of Lakeland Dairies and LacPatrick Dairies in 2019, when it was agreed to review the rules of the new merged Society once the merger was completed.  Electoral areas were subsequently revised to establish a 13 member Board (from 22), with an option to also co-opt up to 3 further directors. 

The 13 member Board has now been established following elections in 8 electoral areas, and further elections will also be held in Autumn 2022 covering a remaining 5 electoral areas, completing the adjustment process.

The Board membership is as follows:  Niall Matthews (Chair), Andrew McHugh (Vice-Chair), Alan McCay (Vice-Chair),  Keith Agnew, Sean Connolly, John Joseph Cooney, Michael Dobson, JJ Lavelle, Anthony Leddy, Christy McKenna, Oliver Neville, Alan Thompson, Alex Walker.  In May 2021, Liam Larkin was co-opted to the Board as an independent non-executive director and continues in this capacity.

Niall Matthews, Chair of Lakeland Dairies said,

“I welcome the establishment of our new Board and look forward to working with each member to advance the best interests of the co-operative for all our members and milk producers in the years ahead.  On behalf of the Board and members of the co-operative, I thank all retiring Board members for their commitment, dedication and service. Based on our democratic and leadership structures, Lakeland Dairies will continue our strong progress into the future.”