Meet Our Farmers

Our Farmers

Meet Our Farmers

Our Lakeland Dairies farmers are the owners of our business, grounded by generations of deep farming knowledge. We have a network of 3,200 family farms spread throughout 16 counties in the northern half of Ireland, the dairy heartland of Europe. This network is the backbone of our business. Our farmers dedicate their around-the-clock care and attention to detail to provide us with a continuous supply of fresh milk throughout the year. This means we’re able to guarantee our customers complete security of supply regardless of the time of year or market demands.

The land is what our business is built on. We only partner with farmers who share the same commitment to sustainability as we do. It’s our joint mission to protect and preserve the land we tend. Water usage, energy usage and waste management on farms are carefully monitored. Audits are also carried out to monitor environmental performance at farm level. This is supported through Bord Bia’s ‘Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme’ and other programmes that drive continual improvement.

What makes us different…

Our Irish origin makes the true difference. This unspoiled island, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, is blessed with a host of natural resources. It’s no wonder Irish dairy has a global reputation for being amongst the best in the world.

Ireland’s temperate climate and abundant rainfall create perfect conditions for grazing. This mild climate means our dairy herds are free to roam their natural environment throughout the year. Our home county in the northeast has 365 lakes which nurture the land with pure fresh water and our fields yield 40% more grass per hectare than the rest of Europe.

This means we have a constant supply of pure, fresh milk year round ready to be transformed into nutritious dairy ingredients. At Lakeland Dairies Food Ingredients, we’re always there for you no matter what and we’re committed to helping your business flourish.

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