Always Irish, always premium quality


Always Irish, always premium quality

Irish dairy is renowned the world over and highly sought after in many markets across the globe. Ireland’s temperate climate and abundant rainfall create perfect conditions for grazing. Our home county in the northeast has 365 lakes which nurture the land with pure fresh water and our fields yield 40% more grass per hectare than the rest of Europe. These perfect conditions make for the freshest, most delicious, nutritionally rich milk.

At Lakeland Dairies, we’re proud to build on Ireland’s global reputation for producing superb dairy. We collect fresh Irish milk every day of the year from our farmers. This unique model means that there are no disruptions in our supply chain. As a result we’re able to provide our customers with a continuous supply of dairy ingredients and solutions year round, regardless of market demands.

Building on Ireland’s
global reputation as
a renowned dairy producer

We understand the importance of consistency for our customers and that’s why we never take any chances. We have a robust quality management system in place to ensure that we only ever deliver consistently high quality dairy solutions. This includes the dedicated monitoring of milk assembly at farm level by our farmers who share the same commitment to quality as we do. Their methods build on generations of farming expertise, tried and tested to produce the highest quality milk. It’s their around-the-clock care and attention to detail that allows us to stand over our promise of delivering consistently premium dairy ingredients every day of the year.

Always thinking bigger

Our position as a market leading dairy processor means that we’re always looking ahead to develop new solutions for our customers. Our creative, multidisciplinary team of industry experts partners with you to offer advanced technical support and facilitate new product development. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide the perfect testing ground for new recipes and solutions.

At Lakeland Dairies, we believe collaboration is the key to successful innovation. We know that off-the-shelf solutions simply won’t cut it. By pairing your market insights and industry knowledge with the technical expertise of our team, together we can develop bespoke solutions that respond directly to your business challenges and provide opportunities for long-term growth. Click through to learn more about our innovative Irish dairy solutions.

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