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Our Expertise

Lakeland Dairies Food Ingredients is built on over 100 years of industry knowledge and dairy expertise. As a division of Lakeland Dairies Cooperative, we benefit from an extensive range of expertise and a distribution network that is second to none. Our network of 3,200 family farms is spread throughout Ireland’s northeast and produces over 1.9 billion litres of milk per year. This high capacity gives you complete security of supply and total peace of mind that volumes will always be there regardless of market demands.

Continuous reinvestment in our people and our facilities means that we can stand over our promise of delivering every single day of the year. Our technologically advanced research and production facilities are driven by some of the best and brightest minds in the country. We’re a future-focused partner committed to helping grow your business. We have robust quality management systems in place at farm level right through to production. This guarantees our ability to meet your exacting specifications with precision.

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From our farmers to our R&D team to our people on the ground, each is an expert in their own right and provides new opportunities for continued growth for our customers. We know that true expertise is the result of a wide cross-section of knowledge. That’s why we’ve also established partnerships with a number of world class Irish universities and technical research centres. Working alongside like-minded industry experts in food science and technology allows us to hone in on key research areas for exploration.

Our experience means that we understand just how precious our natural resources are too. We know that we have a duty to protect them and this is not something we take lightly. Together with our research partners, we’re continuously investigating new ways to enhance sustainability across the entire dairy supply chain. By working hard to protect and preserve our natural environment we can continue to sustain Ireland’s long tradition of dairy farming for generations to come. Click through to find out more about our sustainability journey.

Research & Development

Research & Development

The Lakeland Dairies Food Ingredients R&D team is dedicated to helping grow your business. Our on-site Pilot Lab is equipped with cutting edge technologies that provide the perfect a springboard for new product development.

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