TMS programme leads to on farm success

TMS programme leads to on farm success

Pictured: Lakeland Agri, Technical and Sales Representative, Christopher Cahill, with farmer, Stephen Crawford

Stephen and Adam Crawford are a father and son duo based in Newtownards, Co. Down. They are milking approximately 80 cows, split calving between autumn and spring.

Stephen and Adam Crawford are part of the 60 Northern Ireland Lakeland Dairies milk suppliers who joined the Lakeland Agri and Premier Nutrition Transition Management System (TMS) 12 months ago. The TMS programme is an on-farm monitoring service which evaluates cow health during the critical transition periods.

As well as regular farm visits from Lakeland Agri’s, Christopher Cahill, TMS assessor, Shannon Porter visits the farm once per month and assesses areas such as body condition score, rumen fill, lameness and hock hygiene of all dry and fresh cows and heifers. In addition, metabolic disorders and diseases linked with calving are assessed, and milk data is used to analyse ketosis and acidosis risk.

According to Christopher,

By working closely with Stephen, we identified instances of milk fevers and retained cleanings. Cows were also not coming to their milk quickly and they were slightly behind on condition coming up to calving.

Based on these findings, we advised Stephen to use the Lakeland Agri Dry Cow Nut in September-October as it offers the correct mineral supplementation to set the dry cow up to calve correctly and produce a good lively calf.

Lakeland Agri Dry Cow Nut 

The Lakeland Agri Dry Cow Nut is based on Maize, Wheat and Soyabean to provide an energy dense feed which is high in quality protein. It features a protected mineral package, supplying high levels of protected copper (50%), selenium and zinc, which ensures the requirements of the animal are met even in the presence of antagonists such as molybdenum and iron.

The nut has a high level of Vitamin E, combined with protected selenium to improve overall animal health. It contains a high level of magnesium to encourage easier calving and it provides a strong supply of Vitamin D3 to aid in the mobilisation of calcium.

According to Stephen,

Since changing to the Lakeland Agri Dry Cow Nut this year, we have noticed huge improvements in cow and calf health. The cows are in great health and come to their milk really well. Calves are much healthier and are much more lively. We haven’t had a calf with scour this season, which we are putting down to the increased colostrum quality with our cows.