Solution to a huge problem with Milk Fevers and Retained Cleanings on Monaghan dairy farm

Solution to a huge problem with Milk Fevers and Retained Cleanings on Monaghan dairy farm

Monaghan dairy farmer, Eugene McMahon was very appreciative of the work carried out by Lakeland Dairies in an effort to provide a solution to a huge problem he was having with milk fevers and retained cleanings.  

Eugene explained, “The problem had been going on for five years with up to 25 % of cows going down with milk fever and 40% of cows holding cleanings. The cows were slow to calve and very dull in themselves. Apart from the expensive treatments that were required post calving, cows didn’t seem to recover fully as they just weren’t milking to their full potential and reproductive performance was also suffering. We tried everything but didn’t seem to be making any progress. I was so grateful that Paul and Lakeland Dairies came on board and solved the problem so quickly”.

On his initial farm visit Paul assessed the dry cows for Body Condition Score and also examined the dry cow diet. At that stage, Paul felt that there may have been an issue with the mineral balance in the grass silage but to confirm this, he took a grass silage sample and sent it to the UK for a detailed mineral analysis.

Lakeland Feed Representative Paul O’Neill said, “When the analysis came back, it not only confirmed that we were dealing with a silage that contained a very high Cationic Anionic Balance (CAB ) but it also indicated that there was a significant challenge to copper availability due to very high levels of iron and molybdenum present in the silage. After discussing the findings with Alan Hurst from our technical department, we advised Eugene to feed a specialist dry cow mineral which contained anionic salts and a high level of protected copper but we also recommended that he administered a copper bolus to top up copper supply to the dry cows during this period. I called back 3 weeks later and thankfully cows were no longer going down with milk fever and were cleaning perfectly.”  

The consultative approach adopted by Lakeland Dairies Agribusiness is part of the Lakeland RumiSmart Sustain Programme, which is a new fully integrated feeding system designed to get more out of the key resources available on farms, which in turn will increase efficiencies and therefore profitability at farm level. 

For more information on the Lakeland RumiSmart Sustain Programme, or to discuss how Lakeland Dairies can help improve your herd’s performance, please contact your Lakeland Feed Sales Representative or the Lakeland Farm Services Centre on 0818 474720 (ROI) or 028 30262311 (NI).