Meath farmer reaps the benefits from our Gold Finisher Ration

Meath farmer reaps the benefits from our Gold Finisher Ration

Pictured: Daniel and Derek Flynn’s beef cattle achieved exceptional live-weight gains

Daniel and Derek Flynn farm a mixed farming enterprise just outside Ballinabrackey, Co. Meath. The father and son duo have an expanding dairy herd of 100 cows, and also purchase continental heifers as yearlings to finish under 30 months of age. Originating from Co. Kerry, the heifers are a mixture of Charolais and Limousin breeds.

Feeding Programme

The heifers arrive to the Flynn’s at an average liveweight of 430kg and go straight to grass for the summer months. Once housed around the first week of October, they are gradually introduced to their finishing diet, consisting of 8kg/day of the Lakeland Agri Gold Finisher 50 Ration, 8kg of Brewers Grains, silage and straw. They are maintained on this diet until finished, with the first batch of heifers sent to Kepak Kilbeggan around the middle of January.

Impressive live-weight gain

When the cattle were housed, they were averaging approximately 550-560kg liveweight. Following the slaughter of the first group of cattle it was found that the batch had an average live-weight of 730kg, meaning they had an impressive 1.6kg average liveweight gain across the 110-day finishing period. The cattle killed at 409kg deadweight on average for the group, meaning an equally impressive 56% kill out. 79% of the group killed at a “U” grade, 16% graded at “R+”, and 5% at “R=”.

Commenting of the Lakeland Agri Gold Finisher 50 ration, Danny stated,

The cattle were very content and had no stomach issues or hoof problems, even when they were receiving higher levels of concentrate feed. I’m extremely happy with how the stock looked and how they killed out and graded. I would definitely recommend this product to other farmers.

Lakeland Agri Gold Finisher

The Lakeland Agri Gold Finisher 50 ration which is based on 50 % maize meal is extremely energy dense and contains high levels of starch which promotes greater fat deposition throughout the finishing period and better grading when it comes to slaughter time. It also contains a yeast, buffer and RumiSmart Sustain (RSS) essential oil package to maintain excellent rumen function, even with high levels of concentrate feeding. The ration also contains a high spec RSS beef mineral package, including protected copper to meet animal requirements.

For more details on the various beef finisher rations available from Lakeland Agri, please contact your local Lakeland Agri Sales Representative or the Lakeland Agri Customer Services Centre on 1890 47 47 20 (ROI) or 028 30262311 (NI).