Lakeland Agri Supercream Range delivering excellent results in Co. Fermanagh

Lakeland Agri Supercream Range delivering excellent results in Co. Fermanagh

John Dunlop is a dairy farmer from Drumad, Lisbellaw, Co. Fermanagh. Alongside his father, Alan and brother George, John is milking a herd of 150 cows, calving all year round. The herd averages 7300 litres/cow, at 3.9 % butterfat and 3.3 % protein.

John’s feeding system focuses on good quality feed and ensuring that his herd receives the right balance of nutrition. He began feeding Lakeland feed in 2015 and according to John, all cows have been performing exceptionally well since.

Cows are currently indoors receiving silage and Lakeland Agri Wagon Mix 20. They are then topped up with Lakeland Agri Supercream 18% nut in an out of parlour feeder, at a rate of 0.45 Kg/litre above 20 litres.

“Since introducing the Supercream 18% in 2015, cows are responding very well to the nut and appear to be more content. The animals are in great condition and their coats have a much better shine,” states John.

He has also seen a huge improvement in hoof health, which is influenced by the protected forms of Zinc together with Biotin, included in the Supercream 18% nut. Additional components contained in the nut include protected forms of Copper and Selenium, as well as the addition of yeast, buffer and essential oils.

John concluded,

“I am very happy with the Supercream 18%. It is a good quality nut and contains all of what I need in a concentrate feed to keep my cows productive and healthy.”

For more information on the Lakeland Agri Supercream Range, please call your local Lakeland Agri Sales Representative or alternatively contact our Customer Services Centre on 1890 47 47 20 (ROI ) or 028 30262311 (NI ).