Ewe and Lamb Rations leading the way in the west

Ewe and Lamb Rations leading the way in the west

Picture: Shane Canavan on his farm in Co. Galway

Shane Canavan is a beef and sheep farmer located in Corrandulla, Co. Galway. Alongside his livestock farming exploits, Shane also has a significant hay business, producing excellent quality hay each year and selling to customers across Connaught. Shane would typically fatten 50-60 cattle per year, with all cattle purchased at 12 months of age and aimed to be slaughtered at 24 months.

In 2021, Shane lambed over 380 ewes. At the end of the finishing season, he managed to sell 1.6 lambs/ewe, which he was extremely happy with. Shane has been using a combination of the Lakeland Agri Super Ewe & Lambs Nut, and the Gold Lamb Finisher Nut in his system over the past number of years and performance has been “fantastic”.

Pre-Lambing Regime

In the middle of December, Shane begins to feed the ewes a small amount of the Lakeland Agri Super Ewe & Lamb Nut in preparation for lambing at the beginning of February. The feeding rate and duration depends on whether the ewe is scanned with one, two, or three lambs and the quality of his silage in that year.

The regime is designed to ensure they are in the correct condition for lambing, without being over conditioned. Shane usually starts feeding 0.5kg/head/day in December and the ewes are built up to almost 1kg of meal in the week or two leading up to lambing. Since using the Lakeland Agri Super Ewe & Lamb Nut Shane said,

I have had no issues out of the ordinary and milk levels are excellent in the ewes. The lambs are up suckling straight away and are generally in good form. I put this down to the level and quality of protein in the Lakeland Agri Super Ewe & Lamb Nut, along with its top spec mineral package.

Post Lambing Regime

Once the lambs are up and suckling Shane will get them to grass as soon as possible. Grass quality is usually excellent on the holding. If a field gets too strong, he will usually close it off for hay and once it is cut he will have quality after-grass coming back.

Shane introduces the Lakeland Agri Gold Lamb Finisher Nut from 3-4 weeks of age. Intakes are low to begin with as he finds the lambs still get plenty of milk from the ewes. Shane really notices a concentrate intake increase from April onwards as the lambs get stronger (6-8 weeks of age).

On Farm Results

When talking about the performance of the lambs in the past year, Shane had the following to say:

The lambs averaged 21kg deadweight and a 46% kill-out, which I was extremely pleased with. I had the first pick of 70 lambs on the 4th of May, only 12 weeks after the start of lambing and another 70 lambs left the farm every week after that. The economics of using the high specification rations from Lakeland Agri really stack up.

Lakeland Agri Super Ewe and Lamb Nut

The Lakeland Agri Super Ewe & Lamb Nut is a high energy sheep nut suitable for feeding to ewes from approximately six weeks before lambing, straight through until weaning. It is formulated to 18% crude protein and contains high levels of soyabean to help meet the ewe’s elevated protein requirements pre and post lambing. The nut is perfectly balanced for starch, protein and fibre and contains high levels of quality energy sources including maize and barley. It also includes our unique RumiSmart sheep mineral package which delivers high levels of Vitamin E and Selenium (Sodium Selenite and protected selenium) to improve immune response and promote the production of high-quality colostrum and healthy lambs.

Lakeland Agri Gold Lamb Finisher Nut

The Lakeland Agri Gold Lamb Finisher Nut is a high energy ration designed to achieve exceptional growth rates in finishing lambs. The nut is formulated to 16% crude protein and is perfectly balanced for starch, protein and fibre. It includes high levels of quality energy sources including maize, barley and beet pulp. The nut delivers our unique RumiSmart high specification lamb finisher mineral package which contains high levels of vitamin E and B vitamins which help maximise growth rates. It contains Ammonium Chloride to prevent urinary calculi.

Further Information

If you would like additional information on the Lakeland Agri range of Ewe & Lamb Nuts, and Lamb Finisher range please contact your local Lakeland Agri Sales Representative or the Customer Service Centre on 0818 47 47 20 (ROI) or 028 3026 2311 (NI).