Driving herd performance with the Lakeland Agri Supercream Range

Driving herd performance with the Lakeland Agri Supercream Range

Edward Cooney farms directly on the Cavan-Meath border at Tierworker, Kells, Co. Meath.

He farms in an entirely spring calving, grass-based system, with cows typically getting to grass in early February, weather dependant. Edward milked 67 cows in 2018 and he aims to have 80 cows passing through the parlour in 2019. In 2018, the herd delivered 447kg milk solids (MS) per cow, delivering 5880 litres/cow at 4.01% butterfat and 3.37% protein.

Despite harsh drought conditions in 2018, the herd fertility performance was excellent. Edward achieved a 93% 3-week submission rate with his herd in 2018. This culminated in an 81% 6 week calving rate for spring of this year. Edward’s calving interval is currently around 387 days; however, efforts are in place to tighten up the calving spread further.

Edward Cooney Farm Performance Data 2018

  Cows Milked




  Butterfat %


  Protein %


  Milk Solids/cow (kgs)


  3 Week Submission Rate %


  6 Week Calving Rate % (Spring 2019)


  Calving Interval



Due to inclement weather conditions in March, cows were back indoors and receiving the Lakeland Agri Supercream 16% protein (2in10) formulation. Cows are now moving towards peak yield, which is approximately 29 litres for Edward’s herd.

With grass growth and grazing conditions now improving, Edward intends to change the cows onto the Summer Supercream 16%, where minerals and magnesium are supplied in a 3kg feeding level. He followed a similar plan in the early part of the summer season last year.

Edward is very happy with how the cows’ are performing so far this year, with a great number bulling already.

“Despite the drought in 2018, cows performed very well. I increased feeding in the parlour and cows appeared to be extremely content on the Supercream 16% range. I am extremely happy with how they are looking and what they are producing currently.”

Edward believes that improved cow performance has been influenced by the high quality protected mineral package contained in the Supercream 16% range, which includes protected forms of Copper, Selenium and Zinc, together with Biotin.

The protected copper component helps to overcome any challenges that may exist due to high levels of molybdenum in the grass, which is particularly relevant throughout the breeding season. The protected Selenium enhances overall immunity, and the protected Zinc in conjunction with Biotin will help improve hoof and udder health.

The addition of RSS yeast and buffer maintains rumen pH and optimises rumen function, whilst the RSS essential oil blend will manage the high levels of protein associated with early spring grass in the diet.

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