Angus Beef Producer achieves best performance in 10 years on Lakeland Dairies Gold Finisher 30

Angus Beef Producer achieves best performance in 10 years on Lakeland Dairies Gold Finisher 30

Charles Smith, who heads up the Angus Beef Producers’ Group started feeding Lakeland’s Gold Finisher 30 to his finishing cattle last August and is extremely happy with the results achieved. 

Charles said: ‘ At Longfied Farms, we finish approximately 200 cattle in a 12 month period .Up until last year we purchased straights and mixed up our own coarse ration for feeding to the finishing animals. Following a conversation with Alan Hurst last August regarding the merits of using a perfectly balanced coarse ration, we decided to use the Lakeland Gold Finisher 30 in an attempt to increase daily live weight gain in the finishers. The results have been phenomenal. Cattle have achieved their best performance in 10 years.”

On the Smith farm, all cattle were weighed at the start of the indoor feeding period and weighed at six weekly intervals in order to monitor performance over the entire finishing period. 

“Including the warm up period, bulls averaged a daily live weight gain of 1.65 Kgs and the steers averaged 1.3 Kgs and I was also extremely happy with fat covers achieved which averaged 3 +” , said Charles. 

Lakeland’s Gold Finisher 30 is a 30% Maize ration which is perfectly balanced for minerals, starch, protein and fibre. It also contains Lakeland RumiSmart yeast and Essential Oils which are included to help stabilise rumen pH and optimise rumen function which in turn will help maximise daily live weight gain and kill-out %. The supply of these high performance rations is an integral part of the Lakeland RumiSmart Sustain Programme which has been designed to increase efficiencies and therefore profitability at farm level. 

For more information on the Lakeland RumiSmart Sustain Programme, or to discuss how Lakeland Dairies quality feed can improve feed efficiency on your farm ,please talk to your Lakeland Dairies Feed Representative or contact the Lakeland Farm Services Centre on 0818 474720 (ROI) or 028 30262311 (NI).