Our Farmers

Lakeland Dairies Group is one of Ireland’s largest farmer-owned dairy processing co-operatives. On a daily basis, fresh milk is collected from over 2,200 family farms, operating in a fifteen county catchment area across the northern half of the island of Ireland. 

From high quality and contented dairy herds, living on lush green pastures, Lakeland Dairies creates foodservice and food ingredient products which we export to our customers in over 70 countries worldwide.

Lakeland Dairies is committed to the provision of wholesome dairy products using naturally produced milk that is collected from farms under the strictest conditions of quality and traceability. The high quality milk that we collect from our producers is the building block for our many dairy products.  

Our milk supplying farmers are guardians of the land, they engage in sustainable practices from generation to generation, preserving our beautiful clean environment and the unspoiled countryside for everyone to enjoy.  They are experts in animal husbandry and best practice milk production. This in turn supports the overall sustainability of our business and it contributes to our reputation as a world class dairy company.

Competitiveness, Quality, Innovation, Progress

Lakeland Dairies will continue to be a high performance, operationally efficient, customer focussed and market leading dairy processing co-operative, paying as competitive a milk price as possible and contributing to the future sustainability of dairy farming for the long term.

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